Apply page

Guide to completing the application form

Here are our guidance notes on completing the application for Girl Grant Application 

Please read these notes carefully before completing the application form. 

These notes have been written to help you make the best of your application 

All candidates have to apply ONLINE. Details of the steps in the application process are given below.  

1) Read through each section of the application form carefully

2) Fill in the necessary data in the online application form following instructions given there. Upload the required soft copies of photo and signature.

3) The Girl Grant Application Online Applicant Interface allows you to enter data, “Save” partially filled form, “Logout”, and resume filling in by logging in again.

4) Once you finally submit the application, no further changes to the application can be made by the applicant.

5) Applicants who have selected online payment option will follow the instructions given below for online net banking in payment section and complete payment process.

6) When completed, please read through your application form carefully, checking for errors or omissions

Good luck with your application.