Travel Guidelines

Traveling is an exciting way to teach girls new skills and introduce them to new experiences. A Girl Scout trip is defined as any time a group has an activity at a location other than the regularly scheduled meeting place. All Girls will need a Parent Permission and Health form filled out. Before traveling with girls, ensure that you have trained adults in place for the following roles:
Troop Trip Organizer
Assists girls in planning, budgeting, and organizing short outings, overnights, or longer trips. Troop Trip application must be submitted to your Volunteer Support Coordinator 6-18 months in advance.

Licensed Troop Camper
Assists girls in planning, budgeting and preparing for a troop camping experience where girls will cook and/or sleep outdoors. Training for this role is required.

Troop Driver
Drives girls and adults on field trips, outings and trips and ensures the proper safety procedures are all followed while transporting girls.

First Aider
Provides first aid as needed. Must have a current First Aid/CPR certification; training for this role is required. 

For more information on planning your troop trip, please contact your Volunteer Support Coordinator.

General Guidelines
There must be least one adult first aider traveling with the group.
GSUSA recommends two adults to each car.
Each vehicle should be supplied with a First Aid kit.
Ensure you have the proper adult-girl ratio for the trip.
Additional Accident & Sickness Coverage must be purchased for trips lasting three nights or more, out of state or international.
For more information, reference the Volunteer Essentials.



 Document   Description   When Used 
 Accident Report   To be completed for any 
 reported serious accident 
 When substantial medical care or potential insurance claims are
 Code of Conduct for Travel    Sample girls' agreement
 for how they will conduct
 themselves during troop 
 During trips and outings
 Equipment checklist for a car 
 or van
 List of equipment that
 should be available when
 traveling via car or van
 During trips and outings
 Health Form  Medical Exam form  For adventure activities
 Permission to travel within
 the USA
 Permission form  When traveling within the US
 Permission to travel
 Permission form  For international trips
 Tips and travel gear  Guidelines for transporting 
 When preparing to transport
 girls, whether using private or
 public transportation
 Travel like a pro  Guide to traveling with girls
 including required paperwork 
 and safety tips
 When preparing to transport
 girls, whether using private or
 public transportation
 Trips and travel safety  Safety tips  When preparing to transport
 girls, whether using private or
 public transportation
 Troop travel guidelines  Guidelines when traveling  When preparing to transport
 girls, whether using private or
 public transportation