GSUSA supplies its registered members with basic insurance coverage when they are engaged in Girl Scout activities. It is essential that any individuals participating in overnight activities, adventure activities sponsored by our Council, or international travel be registered Girl Scouts.

Certificate of Insurance (COI)
GSNENY both requires and provides certificates of insurance. We provide a COI to external agencies such as schools or libraries to provide proof of insurance. GSNENY requires external agencies to provide GSNENY with a COI during adventure activities or for travel outings 100+ miles away. Request a COI by calling or emailing the Volunteer Services Department at  

Non-Scout Tag-along Plan 2
To insure non-scouts attending a day-only, non-adventure activity event. Can be used for siblings and guardians.

International 3PI
Supplemental insurance coverage for Girl Scouts traveling internationally. 

Overnight Plan 3P
Supplemental insurance recommended to insure registered Girl Scouts who are attending an overnight or adventure activity.