Daisy Good Neighbor Badge Activity 
Monday, August 24th
Time: Self-guided program
Capacity: 50

What do you know about your city or town? Try this fun challenge from the Good Neighbor badge! With a family member, you’ll work together to create a drawing or 3-D model of your town and some of the important places in it. You can choose to do just this activity, or complete the two additional steps to earn your Good Neighbor badge. This is a self-paced activity, to be completed with a family member. 

You will need: 
Markers/Crayons/coloring pencils 
Supplies to make a 3-D model of your town (optional): blocks, recycled materials, items you have at home, salt dough or clay, etc. 

Brownie Outdoor Art Creator Badge
Tuesday, August 25th
Time: self-guided program

Sign up for this virtual Brownie Outdoor Art Creator Badge! Once you register you will receive a link for a video from our Girl Scouts sister at Girl Scouts of Central MD.  

Step 1 - Fairy Mandala  
Rocks, sticks, leaves, etc... (all collected during nature walk).  
Step 2 - Wind Chime  
Sturdy stick 
Assorted items to attach such as old keys, bottle caps, seashells, rocks, tin cans, nuts and bolts, etc... 
Step 3 - Design Fairy House and Write Fairy Story  
1 piece of construction paper  
Copy or notebook paper  
Drawing and writing utensils  
Glue stick  
Hole puncher (optional)  
String (optional)  
Scissors (optional)  
Step 4 - Make Fairy House  
Sticks, rocks, leaves etc... (from step 2)  
Paint (optional)  
Brushes (optional)  

Summer Camp 2021 Adult Discussion Group
Tuesday, August 25th
Time: 6:00 pm

Adults - Join us on Tuesday, August 25th at 6:00 pm for our Summer Camp 2021 Discussion Group. We need your help to make it the best summer ever!
Junior Bronze Award Webinar
Wednesday, August 26th
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Capacity: 35

Join us on Wednesday to learn about the Bronze Award, the Highest Award for Girl Scout Juniors. We will talk about the process step by step, including identifying a community need, building your team, making a project plan, and involving the community in becoming part of the change, along with details such as deadlines, money earning, prerequisites, and requirements for earning your Bronze Award. For more information about Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York Bronze Award requirements, visit https://girlscoutsneny.org/GSNENY/Our_Programs/Bronze_Award.aspx 

Adults are encouraged to attend with their Girl Scout(s) but do not need to register separately if they will be using the same computer. 

Paper and a pen/pencil (or word document) to take notes 

Cadette Comic Artist Badge
Thursday, August 27th
Time: self-guided program
Capacity: 50

Do you love reading comic books or want to try making your own comics? Earn your Comic Artist badge by completing fun, self-guided badge activities compiled by Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana! You’ll explore what your favorite comics have in common, pick a prompt and create a one-panel punch line comic, learn some tricks that comic artists use to show different emotions, then share a funny story of your own by creating a comic strip to share with family and friends. 

You will need: 
Internet access 
Comic books or newspapers (optional) 
Coloring pencils/crayons/markers 

Senior Behind the Ballot
Friday, August 28th
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Capacity: 30

Join our meeting to earn steps 1, 2, 4 & 5 of the Behind the Ballot Badge. Discover more about elections in our country as well as other countries. What are the ins and outs of voting are there deadlines and other important factors. Then let's discuss the type of campaign you might run, is there a school office you are interested in? 

Supply list: 
Notebook and pen or pencil.   

Kool Aid Tie Dyed T-Shirts
Saturday, August 29th
Time: Self-guided program

Sign up for this virtual program and make a Kool A! Once you register you will receive a link to the activity. Have fun!  

White T-shirt 
Kool Aid 
Small Plastic bowls 
Plastic gloves 
Rubber bands 


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