Illustration of Girl scouts with college mortarboards

Girl Scouts can Earn Points for College Scholarships

Did you know? Girls can earn tuition rewards points towards college scholarship just by being a Girl Scout! Girls earn 2,500 just by signing up. 

Tuition rewards points are similar to frequent flyer miles. In this case, the points can be used for tuition/scholarship at almost 400 affiliated private colleges and universities across the United States. There are 28 affiliated colleges in New York State!

Each point is worth $1 in guaranteed tuition/scholarship at the participating institution including:

  • Alfred University
  • St. Bonaventure
  • Canisus
  • Hilbert 
  • Daemen
  • Rochester Institute of Technology 
  • St. Lawrence University 
  • Roberts Wesleyan
  • Union College

There are 381 participating private colleges and universities located in 45 states from Maine to Hawaii with new colleges added every year! For more information, and to claim points, visit Sage Scholars Tuition Rewards

How to get your points

  1. Sign your girl up for Girl Scouts! 
  2. Parent/Caregiver must create an account to claim the points on the Sage Scholars Tuition Rewards website.
  3. We'll take it from here! 
*Special offer: Adults who volunteer as Troop Leaders can earn 3,500 Sage Scholars Tuition Rewards points. Please contact Volunteer Services for more information.