Girl Scout Bronze Award

Welcome to the Girl Scout Bronze Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can achieve. As you and your team plan and complete your project, you'll meet new people and have the kind of fun that happens when you work with other Girl Scouts to make a difference. Download the Bronze Award guidelines to find out how.

You can pursue your Girl Scout Bronze Award if:

  • You're in fourth or fifth grade (or equivalent)

Girl Scout Bronze Award Steps

  1. Build your Girl Scout Junior team
  3. Explore your community
  5. Choose your Bronze Award project
  7. Make a plan
  9. Put your plan in motion
  11. Spread the word

GSNENY Bronze Award Projects 

Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York encourages local Girl Scouts to give back to the the Council. Below is a list of camp improvement projects that troops can undertake in pursuit of a Bronze Award. If you are interested in completing one of these projects, please contact Miriam Fiering.

  • New trail markers (all camps)
  • Trail cleanup and widening (all camps)
  • Planting flowers and plants around buildings (all camps)
  • Sealing and staining benches at Hidden Lake Camp and Camp Woodhaven
  • Repaint and replace camp signage (all camps)
  • Removing cattails from the pond at Camp Is-Sho-Da
  • Building and plant flower boxes by camp roadsigns at Camp Meadowbrook, Camp Woodhaven, Hidden Lake Camp, and Lake Clear Camp
  • Build benches for the fire area at Lake Clear Camp, Camp Meadowbrook, and Camp Is-Sho-Da
  • New curtains for buildings (all camps) 
  • Building bat boxes (all camps)
  • Build accessibility ramps (as needed at each camp)
  • Create list of suggested hikes, each with a map, length of time, level of difficulty, highlights, etc. to leave in each dining hall (all camps)