Volunteer Spotlight: Lisa Wells

As a former Girl Scout and now Service Unit 313 Manager, Lisa Wells has made a significant impact on the Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York community.

Lisa Wells accepts her volunteer award from Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York CEO Mary Buszuwski.

Lisa Wells started Girl Scouts when she was in first grade and has continued her involvement with her three daughters as troop leader, service unit manager, cookie coordinator and much more!

Lisa stepped up to the plate when her daughter’s troop was unfortunately dissolving due to a change in both location and time and the troop was losing its leader. She joined at a time when there was a need for volunteers as girls were on waiting lists to be assigned to troops. Ever since then, Lisa has been an outstanding volunteer, expanding her Service Unit to girls of all ages ranging from Sprout (Pre-K) to Ambassadors (Grade 12) and she continues to be a strong force within the organization. Lisa continues to volunteer because of her love for the program and the skills girls can develop.

“I enjoy watching my girls do some of the great things and experience the great opportunities that Girl Scouts provides,” said Lisa. “They get so excited to plan some of the trips we get to take, and we even had the opportunity to visit the White House and play with the dog!”

For Lisa, it isn’t just about the girls though, it's about the other volunteers as well. She is excited about her future volunteer roles because of the joy and excitement her volunteers and leaders experience. Girl Scouts not only allows girls the chance to grow and develop and discover new things, but it also gives volunteers and troop leaders that same chance, and often leaders and volunteers find themselves feeling like a Girl Scout.

Lisa has been named an Outstanding Volunteer not only for her many years of service to Council but also because of her many accomplishments while in a leadership position. She is proud to have expanded her Service Unit to girls of all ages and abilities. Within her Service Unit, girls with special needs can join Girl Scouts and are given equal opportunities.

We would like to recognize and thank Lisa for all her hard work and dedication to GSNENY!

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