How to Start a Girl Scout Troop

Parents and community members make a key difference in the lives of girls by guiding them through the Girl Scout experience!

Girl Scout Brownie Troop

At Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York, we want leading a troop to be a great time, which is why we'll support you every step of the way.

We provide our leaders:

  • Flexibility—leaders set the troop meeting times and locations.


Start Your Girl Scout Troop in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Decide to be a role model by joining Girl Scouts as a troop leader! Once you've registered, complete the Volunteer Application.
  3. Start looking for other adults to help! A troop needs at least two un-related, background check adults (one of whom must be female) to get started, and most leaders also look for additional help throughout the year. Troops can have more than two leaders, and they typically have additional volunteers to help with the Cookie Program, Sweets & Treats Fall Product Sale, as well as other adults to pitch in with snacks, field trips, and other activities. Parents of other girls in your troop are prime candidates to help out, but adults from the community might love this opportunity too. We can recruit online for your troop, but people tend to have the most fun with adults they know in real life.
  5. Pick a Day, Time, and Location for Troop Meetings. Your meeting space needs to be a safe, clean, and secure environment that allows all girls to participate. Good options include:
    • Schools
    • Libraries
    • Places of worship
    • Community centers and buildings
    • Local businesses

    4. Set up your new troop. Every Girl must be registered as a Girl Scout. Once they are registered, complete the New Troop Request Form. 


    5. Work with our Troop Support Specialists to get ready for your first troop meeting. GSNENY provides an age-level book to get you started (that is, if you are a Daisy troop, you get a Daisy book), a first aid kit, and your first 10 lesson plans in a box! You can review other lesson plans on the Volunteer Tool Kit. Troop Support Specialists are always here to help!

Common Questions About Starting a Girl Scout Troop

Many parents have at least a few questions before standing up to lead their daughter’s troop. Here are a few of the most frequent questions we hear (and read the full list of FAQs here):

How much time will I need?

Being a Troop Leader actually fits into a variety of schedules. We recommend that troops meet once or twice per month. Current leaders report spending four hours preparing for and leading each meeting. Troop Leaders choose the meeting day, time, and frequency.

We provide our troop leaders with online meeting plans, so they can easily and quickly plan their troop’s activities.

I don’t know how to do the things Girl Scouts do.

You bring everything that you need to start leading your troop. We think if the girls are smiling and having a good time, the leaders are doing a good job!

We provide online meeting plans to guide you through each step of planning your troop’s activities. We also provide convenient, online training videos and resources to help you learn what you need. Don’t forget that you’ll also have a co-leader who will bring complementary skills and experience to share.

What support or help is there for leaders?

Each troop has two leaders, so you will have a partner to help lead and to share the fun. We encourage you to invite another parent or friend to serve with you. We provide online, in person, and on-demand trainings for our leaders that you can take on your schedule, and we provide detailed activity plans that make it easy to get meetings going. You’ll also have access to our dedicated Volunteer Support team for guidance when you need.

Who Can I talk to About Starting a Girl Scout Troop?

Contact Troop Support Specialists    Contact Membership Recruiters