Get ready for Girl Scout Faire: Medieval Magic | Top SWAPS Ideas

SWAPS, or Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere, are one of the great traditions we have at Girl Scouts. A great way to make new friends, and show off your creative side, SWAPS are reminders of amazing adventures and memories shared.

SWAPS don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Instead, they should be hand-made and have a connection to your girls and your troop. They don’t have to look perfect, but they should have personality. Most importantly, they should be fun to make, give, and receive.

A Girl Scout event would not be complete without SWAPS, so of course we’re planning on sharing SWAPS at Girl Scout Faire: Medieval Magic in June.

Here are our top SWAPS ideas for you and your troop:

Masquerade Mask

A Masquerade ball is an event where participants who attend wear costumes and a mask. These parties were a feature of Carnival season in the 15th century. Masks were often worn to express one’s freedom of speech or voice emotions without judgement.

Download this mask template to create SWAPS for Girl Scout Faire: Medieval Magic.

Archery Bow and Quiver

During the 14th and 15th centuries, archery was used for hunting, practice, and especially war. Archery played an important role in many battles and many cultures depended upon their innovative and skilled archers for defense as well as a means of conquest. Grab some paper, cocktail toothpicks, cardboard, and stretch string to make the archery and bow swap below!

archery swap

Girl Scout Banner

Your heraldic device (or your "coat of arms") is essentially your personal "logo," and identifies you the way a company's logo identifies the company. On a banner, it tells everyone you're at an event. On a shield, it tells who's on the field fighting. On tableware, it tells whose place it's at. On clothing, it tells who's in the clothing. Felt, paper, glue, and creativity is all you need to make a your own coat of arms swap for Girl Scout Faire!

Girl Scout Banner swap

There's still time to register for Girl Scout Faire: Medieval Magic. Don't miss the opportunity to make new friends and learn about life in the medieval times with Girl Scouts from all over New York!