6 Ways to Spend your Cookie Dough! 

  1. Did you know you can use your Cookie Dough to attend programs! That's right, that means you can pay for awesome experiences like Girl Scout Day at The Great Escape, Musician Badge Day with the Philadelphia Orchestra, or Wild Center and Lake Clear Weekend Adventure!

  2. Cookie Dough can also be used to send your Girl Scout to summer camp! Give her the best summer ever and memories that she will carry with her for years to come. 

  3. You can even use Cookie Dough to pay for your annual membership! Don't forget, save $5.00 by renewing your 2020 membership by June 9th!  

  4. Your Cookie Dough can be put toward life changing travel opportunities, like the upcoming trip to Belize

  5. Cookie Dough can be used for merchandise from our 3 GSNENY stores – Albany, Plattsburgh, and Queensbury. Stop in to see all the Girl Scout merchandise we offer including fun girl and seasonal items in addition to uniform pieces and Girl Scout publications.

  6. Cookie Dough can also be used at the Medieval Faire GSNENY shop!  

Cookie Dough is an earned reward for each Girl Scout who participates in the cookie program and sells a minimum of 100 boxes of cookies. Cookie Dough will be sent to Girls on 6/4/2019, primary caregiver/parent's email will receive an email detailing the amount they earned, a virtual “card” number and the CVV code. Cookie Dough can be used in a variety of ways! How will you use yours?