Girl Scouts with volunteer in science lab

4 Ways to Spend More Time with Your Daughter

Before you know it, the house will seem empty when your girl goes back to school in September. Hold on those long summer days and try some of these fun ways to spend high-quality time with her. (Invite some friends along, too!)

  1. Take a nature walk. You don’t need to head out into the deep woods—the local park or somewhere you both enjoy will do just fine. Don’t forget to pack your favorite snacks for the road.
  3. Share your inspiration. Talk to her about women you admire, and ask her about the people who inspire her. Family members, friends, famous women in history—they’re all great choices. Encourage her to cut out pictures or draw. This booklet will help you get started and leave her with something that reminds her of your special talk.
  5. Turn your living room into an improv theater. What does she want to be when she grows up? You might not need to answer that yet, but let her try some options out for the next five minutes. Get started with the Scene Spinner.
  7. Get your science on in the backyard. It’s amazing what wonders even the smallest outdoor spaces hold. Help her discover how much she can find by using our Flower Census or our Bug Census. If you want to do more, head for the local nature preserve.

The best way to spend meaningful time with your daughter? Sign up to be a Girl Scout Volunteer. You'll be there as she makes new friends, discovers new skills, and as she grows into the leader she was meant to be.