Gabbi (center) and her troop represent Girl Scouts in a community parade.

Gabbi sits on her Cookie throne as a Daisy.

Gabbi (far right) and her friends at Cookie Camp.

Tips from a Top Cookie Seller

Fifteen-year-old Gabbi is no stranger to the art of selling. Since joining Girl Scouts as a Daisy at the age of 5, Gabbi has consistently sold 500 or more boxes of Girl Scout Cookies every year. Some people assume that the infamous cookies sell themselves, but Gabbi knows better than to underestimate the dedication and hard work that goes into being a top Cookie seller. We sat down with Gabbi and asked her to share her tried and true tips for Cookie season.

Stay determined

You always have to stay determined with your goal. I love going to Cookie Camp , it’s one of the best parts of my summer, and it motivates me to hit my goal. Don't waver from that goal you set in the beginning. Know you’re going to hit it and keep at it.

Sell as often as you can

I set a goal to go to 10 houses door-to-door a night. Remember to always bring a friend or a parent and follow the buddy system when selling door-to-door. Sometimes it's more and sometimes it’s less, but that gives me something to work towards. You can also ask family members to talk you up at their place of employment or to their networks. Take your Order Form everywhere, neighborhood parties are a great way to open up new customers. When booth season rolls around, go to every booth you can. Work as many shifts as you can and sell, sell, sell!


My mom always likes to say that the number one reason people don’t buy Girl Scout Cookies is because they were never asked. So when we’re at booth sales, if you see a person walk by -- even if they are on their phone -- stop and ask them if they want to buy cookies. Don’t yell at them, but speak loudly and clearly and use assertive language. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask!

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Booth sales begin March 23 and Girl Scouts will continue to sell cookies until April 22. Enter your zip code below to find Girl Scout Cookies near you.