9 Reasons to Join Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York

It’s All About the Girls


One of the fundamental tenets of Girl Scouts is that it builds girls of courage, confidence and character – all skills that can benefit a Girl as she grows into adulthood by giving her a foundation for leadership. Girls are faced with a lot of pitfalls on this journey and you can’t understate how important it is for them to face the world with a belief in their own abilities and without fear of limitations.

So. Much. Awesome. Fun.


Yes, leadership and business skills are all well and good, but let’s talk about adventure. Learn CPR, explore marksmanship, build working circuit boards, build kites, hike the Adirondack mountains, ride horses, attend a play, and become a skilled archer! It goes beyond just council-planned events. Troops can discuss and plan their own adventures to suit their interests. Whether with a troop, as an individual or with the whole family, there are so many activities that girls and adults can engage in to expand horizons or hone skills.

You Love Success


You want to be successful, right? Well, check this out. Studies show that Girl Scout alumnae are more successful in school and they develop a stronger sense of self. Plus, 66% of professional women were Girl Scouts along with more than 53% of all women business owners. In government, 2/3 of female U.S. Senators and more than half of the House of Representatives were Girl Scouts.



Okay, let’s cut to the chase. You want the cookies and there’s nothing wrong with that. So, why is that a reason to join? As an adult, you get guaranteed access to a Girl who can order you cookies before they get out there and sell to the public. That’s right, exclusive first-access! Who doesn’t love that? But that’s not even the best part about Girl Scout Cookies, there’s more to them than you know…

We Keep It Old School


You’ve heard it before, “Girl Scouts is just camping, cookies and crafts.” Well, we covered cookies and of course crafts will always be part of the fun, but what about the camping? Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York offers a range of exciting outdoor activities that go beyond pitching tents and hiking trails. There’s horseback riding for beginners and pros, survival skills, sailing, canoeing, cave-exploring and more – all designed to get girls outdoors and active.

Make New Friends


Whether starting out in Kindergarten or joining as a teenager, Girl Scouts allows girls and adults to establish lifelong friendships. And though everyone may come from a similar mindset of wanting to grow and help their communities, there is a wonderful amount of diversity that only enhances the experience and makes those bonds stronger.

Cookies Have a Secret

Girl Scout Cookies are just a front for teaching girls business skills that can last a lifetime. As girls progress through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, the cookie business becomes a junior MBA program where they learn five essential skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. Plus, they get to use their earnings to take part in…

Your Community Deserves It


Community Service is an important part of growing as a Girl Scout. Girls are encouraged to give back and improve the world around them from the very start and it becomes even more of a focus as early as 4th grade when girls begin planning their Girl Scout Bronze Award. They progress on this path into high school where it all culminates in the Highest Award in Girl Scouting: the Girl Scout Gold Award. It requires dedication, planning and extraordinary leadership. And, you know what? It looks great on a college application.

We’re Not Afraid to Embrace Technology


Yeah, we like to get outdoors as much as possible but there’s also a time and place to plop down in front of a computer and learn programming. Or build a robot. Or design a world-changing invention. Girl Scouts has programs that allow girls to see that they, too, can build toward a future that involves science, technology, engineering and math. And, we also use technology to make life easier on our adult volunteers.

While these are nine great reasons, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s hard to even go into everything Girl Scouts can give you because the opportunities are endless and each leader, parent, Girl, and volunteer gets to design their own path tailored to meet their needs. Ultimately, the most important thing to remember – whether you’re an adult volunteer or a Girl earning her first patch – is that you’re part of something that builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.