4 Things Girls Learned at GLOBALGirls

For the second year, Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York partnered with GLOBALFOUNDRIES to give girls hands-on experience in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields while at Summer Camp.

The GLOBALGirls initiative was launched by GLOBALFOUNDRIES three years ago to address the gender gap in advanced manufacturing and introduce middle school girls to the wonders of STEM. One of the first steps in this initiative was the introduction of a two-week summer STEM camp for girls only that offered an inclusive, girl-led environment fostered by the tenets of Girl Scouts that created a safe space where girls were free to explore their potential.

Continuing the partnership in 2018, approximately 40 girls had the opportunity to be Water Wizards for a week at Camp Woodhaven. The program offered a combination of camp life and team building activities as well as career exploration and workshops with GLOBALFOUNDRIES staff.

Here are 4 Things Girls learned while at GLOBALGirls camp:

  1. How to test water quality: Girls kicked off the very first week testing the quality of the lake at Camp Woodhaven. Tests were conducted for dissolved oxygen, nitrates, phosphates, temperature, coliform bacteria, and turbidity (water clarity). Girls learned how to read the results, how the results impact the lake, and conducted the tests alongside professionals.
  3. How to identify a watershed: Using a map, Girls marked the local watershed, or the geographic region where all of the water in an area flows downhill to one particular body of water, reference points, and major land-use areas. Girls learned the importance of watersheds, how they are a reliable and informative index of environmental quality in the area, and how water is an essential part for all human, animal, and plant life. 
  5. Understanding aquatic life: What insects lay their eggs in the water? What is a macroinvertebrate? How can insects help us understand water quality? Girls learned the answers to these questions by catching water insects using strainers and nets. They then compared insects using charts and determined water quality based on quantity of insects in the watershed. 
  7. How to have fun! At the end of the day, learning is supposed to be fun -- and Girl Scout camp is all about having fun and making new friends. Take it from Laura, a parent who dropped off her Girl at GLOBALGirls: "Thank you for giving our girls an opportunity of a lifetime this week! They have all enjoyed new activities, made new friends and learned so much from the Girl Scout counselors and Global Foundries staff! It will certainly be the highlight of the summer!"


Commitment to Girl Leadership

Hands-on learning techniques are at the core of the Girl Scout program and have been since 1913, when Girl Scouts created its Electrician and Flyer badges, the very first STEM-related badges. No other organization comes close to providing the scope and variety of evidence-based, out-of-school educational and leadership STEM opportunities for girls.

In July 2018, Girl Scouts strengthened our commitment to prepare girls to address some of society’s most pressing needs through hands-on learning and rolled out 30 new badges and 2 new Journeys (available now!) exclusively for girls ages 5–18. The new programming includes badges for cybersecurity, environmental advocacy, mechanical engineering, robotics, computer science, and space exploration.