Forms, Policies, and Procedures


Accident Report
Archival Material Reservation Form
Authorization for Medical Treatment- Adult  
Authorization for Medical Treatment- Girl  


Bank Account Troop Procedures
Blue Book of Documents


Community Service Bar Application
Conflict of Interest Policy and Disclosure Form
Cookie Booth Kit
Cookie Dough Redemption Form   
Cookie Dough Kit
Cookie Rewards Sister Policy


Donation Form
Dropped Troop Form 

Emergency Contact for Camps & Properties   
Emergency Contact for GSNENY   
Expert Entrepreneur Form


Finance Report Form- Troop 
Finance Report Form- Service Unit (Troop Summary)
Finance Report Form - Service Unit 


Girls at the Capitol Application
Girl Grant Application
Girl Grant Application (Paper)
Girl Permission to Cross International Borders  
Girl Permission to Travel within the USA 
Gold Award Final Report Form 
Gold Award Proposal  
Gold Award Guidelines
Gold Award Scholarship Application (McGraw Family - Allison Marinucci Gold Award Scholarship)
Gold Scholarship Information 
Grow a Garden Form


Health History Form- Adult
Health History Form- Girl
Health History Form - Physician Signature Required
Health History Form- For Trips Three Days or Longer 


In Kind Donation Form
Intent to Travel Guidelines
Intent to Travel Form 
Insurance Form- Non-Scout (Plan 2)
Insurance Form- Overnight (Plan 3P)   
Insurance Form- International (Plan 3PI)


Lemonade Stand Guidelines
Lemonade Stand Agreement
Lifetime Membership Form


Media/Photo Release Form
Membership Form - Lifetime
Membership Form- Adult   (2019)
Membership Form- Girl   (2019)
Membership Form- Adult (2020)
Membership Form - Girl (2020)
Membership Summary Form (2019)
Money Earning FAQ
Money Earning Form


New Troop Request Form
New Leader Orientation


Parent Permission Form

Parent or Caretaker Outstanding Girl Scout Cookie Account Form
Procedure for Opening a Troop Bank Account
Program Registration Form
Program Aide Final Report Form
Public Disclosure Form (990 Tax Form)


Safety Activity Checkpoints
Silver Award Intent Form
Summer Camp Employment Application


Volunteer Application Form
Volunteer Awards Nomination Form
Volunteer Awards Handbook 
Volunteer Policies and Procedures
Volunteer Essentials
Volunteer-in-Training Final Report Form


Women of Distinction Nomination Form