Empowing Creative Women in STEM

Engage in hands-on science activities alongside RPI Staff, Society of Women Engineers and special guests during this day long visit to RPI and the Mercer Lab and Wind Tunnel. We have something for all as you will be able to choose a lab session that interests you the most. Also, attend workshops on Critical Skills for Success in College, Resources for Identifying Long Term Career Goals, College Applications: How Do Colleges Make Decisions on who to admit and much more.
Check-in will begin at 8:45am with speaker at 9:00am with sessions to follow. Lunch Included is included at the Alumni House on campus Choose 3 and only 3 of the 9 add-on programs. If you choose the Having Fun With Renewable Energy add-on it is 2 hours in duration and the only add-on you may choose!
Registration is open to non-Girl Scout Members.
11/2/2019 8:45 AM - 3:30 PM


Saturday, 02 November 2019

Participants will have an opportunity to work directly with 3D-printer CAD software to produce a take home 3-D object. The workshop will be hosted by members of the Forge, a student maker club sponsored by the School of Engineering. This session is limited to 12 participants.

If you want to understand some of the world's most complex challenges, this workshop is for you! This session is limited to 12 participants. The most effective way to build a better tomorrow is by understanding the tools we have available. Learn how subatomic particles fit together by walking through the major  milestones of the universe, from The Big Bang to Today.

When natural or human-made disasters strike, transportation engineers are the first responders and leaders that organizations call upon to save human lives and restore order. Participate in a game to learn how these engineers solve every day transportation issues, who they partner with, and how they prioritize tasks in emergency situations. If you like to solve problems, work in teams, and make a difference for others, this workshop is for you! This session is limited to 20 participants.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Come learn how to assemble a box of candy in the MILL (Manufacturing Innovation Learning Lab) and learn about different manufacturing processes, including robotics and automation, plastic injection molding, and CNC machining. This is a sweet chocolate factory you’ll never forget! This session is limited to 12 participants.

Learn how to use meteorological data, information about the electrical grid, wind turbine capacity, and cost and pricing estimates to design your own  wind farm! This session is limited to 10 participants.

Here’s your chance to learn firsthand how engineers use bubbles and a variety of geometrically-shaped objects in a closed-loop wind tunnel to test drag, lift, and fluid flow when designing new aeronautical, aerospace, and underwater technologies. This session is limited to 8 participants.

Learn about energy systems and how we can take advantage of renewable sources. In this activity we’ll build a solar powered RC car and explore how we can use green energy  in practical ways. This session is limited to 10 participants.

Do you know how a lotus leaf stays clean? Learn how nature is inspiring surface engineering to address our growing demand for energy and water. This session is limited to 10 participants.

Join the RPI Embedded Hardware Club to learn about different types of PCBs, components of a PCB, schematic designs of PCBs, solder an actual PCB, and see a demonstration of a biomedical circuit board used to detect heart, muscle, and brain signals. If you're interested in Electronics and Electrical Engineering this session is for you! This session is limited to 10 participants.

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