Day of Giving - March 12, 2020

Thank you!!

We know that it is difficult to think about things beyond staying healthy and what current precautionary measures we should be following during times that change our normal routines. That’s why we are especially thankful to the 45 donors who took the time to support our Day of Giving on March 12. Thanks to you, $10,303.50 was raised for the Girl Grant Fund to support Girls in need. Once it is safe for “normal” routines to resume, these funds will support new program activities for Afterschool Troops and summer opportunities for Girls in need.


Who is this event for? 
You and Girl Scouts! Together, we will make Girl Scout experiences possible for all Girls.

What is this event? 
Girl Scouts’ Day of Giving and Birthday Celebration is a 24-hour giving challenge to raise funds to help Girls with financial need experience Girl Scouts. Gifts can be made now through 11:59 pm on March 12!

When is this event? 
Thursday, March 12, though teams are encouraged to organize and start spreading the word in advance. Gifts made in advance on the Day of Giving and Birthday Celebration page count towards the goal for this event!

Where is this event? 
Giving Day is worldwide! Gifts may be made online from anywhere, worldwide.

Why are you holding this event? 
To help Girls in financial need through Girl Grants and sponsored programs. Did you know that almost half of local households struggle financially? Last year, financial support from our alumni, member parents, volunteers and donors enabled us to reach 1,211 Girls in financial need, but we know there are hundreds more Girls who can benefit from a Girl Scout experience. All proceeds from Girl Scouts’ Day of Giving and Birthday Celebration will be used to build the Girl Grant Fund.  Grants are provided to Girls so they can join Girl Scouts, have their own uniforms, and attend programs  - like our summer camps!  Funds are also used to support Girls from low income communities through Afterschool Troops.

How can I help?
1. You can make your gift online or at a GSNENY Service Center; cash, checks made out to GSNENY, and major credit cards are accepted.
2. Form a team and challenge your friends to help us reach Girls in need! 
3. Promote the event on your social media pages! You can follow and tag us on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , or LinkedIn to join the conversation about Girl Scouts Day of Giving and Birthday Celebration and spread the excitement!


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