Sweets & Treats Fall Program

Sweets & Treats (formerly QSP/NutE) is a great learning experience for girls as it emphasizes teamwork and goal setting. Held before the Cookie Program, Sweets & Treats is a great way for troops to earn start-up funds for the year by selling candy and nuts (sweets) and magazine subscriptions (treats). 

The Sweets & Treats Program starts October 1, 2018! Girl Scouts can open their own business to sell delicious chocolates, nuts, magazines and more.

Don't forget about Expert Entrepreneur: Girls who meet the sales requirements for both Sweets & Treats in the fall and the Girl Scout Cookie program in the spring can earn $300 for a Girl Scout adventure

New This Year: Girl Delivery Option! No shipping charges when you select Girl Delivery for your nuts and candy.

Your troop can decide to participate in one or more ways so you don’t overlap with other activities you have at school. For an easy participation option that involves no physical money collection, you and your troop can even participate in online magazines and nuts program only.

Important Dates

Order Taking Form: October 1, 2018

Order Forms and Money Due: Check with your Troop Leader

Deliver Items to Customers: Early December 2018

Online Ordering Open Until: November 26, 2018


2019 Expert Entrepreneur Redemption Form
Rally Guide
Quick Start Guide for Girls
Quick Start Guide for Troops
Magazine Listings
Organic Veggie FAQ's
Tumbler & Water Bottle FAQ's
Editable Door Hanger

How to Participate in the Sweets & Treats Fall Program

You must be a registered Girl Scout to participate. Register here.

  1. Begin selling on or after October 1, 2018.
  3. Log on to our Council Sweets & Treats website. (Opens October 1, 2018.)
  5. Enter 15+ email addresses inviting friends and family to order nut and candy items (sweets) and magazines (treats) and you'll receive an online patch!
  7. Text, share, and invite your friends on social media to support you too!
  9. Create and earn your own MyPatchCreation Service Dog patch.
  11. You will receive recognition and your troop will receive proceeds for every online order placed by November 26, 2018.

2018 Reward: All Girl Scouts who sell a total of $875 in Sweets & Treats products will earn:

  • Two (2) medieval themed swag bags

Updates to the 2019 Magazine Subscription Program

The publishers of American Girl magazine have decided to not make the magazine subscription available through Girl Scouts or any other fundraising channel.

American Girl has been taken off the Girl Scout store, so there will not be any confusion there, however if you offer in person magazines, it is listed in the printed sheets and catalogs.

If an order reaches the vendor for processing, the customer will be sent a letter with suggested optional titles or a to receive a refund.

For a complete list of upcoming programs, CLICK HERE!

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