Become a part of the S'mores Club!
To earn membership in the S’mores Club, Girls and Troops will need to participate in our two entrepreneurial programs: Sweets & Treats and the Cookie Program!
(This replaces the program formerly known as “Expert Entrepreneur”.)


Sweets & Treats Program Requirements


  • Sell at least $400 in total sales between Sweets (nuts and candy) and Treats (magazines and gifts).
  • Turn in all order forms, Girl Cards, and money to Troop Sweets & Treat Manager or Troop Leader by the Troop-established deadline date.

  • All troop members registered in the Council Membership database must sell items, with troop total sales of $750 or greater.
Troop will earn a special Cookie Booth selection opportunity for the Cookie Program.

Cookie Program Requirements 


  • Sell at least 350 boxes by February 23, 2020 or a minimum of 750 boxes by the end of the cookie sale.
  • Participate in one booth sale or send 24 Digital Cookie messages.
  • Attend a Cookie Rally or complete a Cookie Activity National Proficiency Badge from the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting handbook.


  • Sell at least 300 boxes PGA (per girl selling average).
If both requirements are met:
Girls will earn an exclusively designed Sterling Silver charm bracelet, a S’mores Club patch, AND a $250 “Girl Experience Voucher”! The Troop Sweets and Treats Manager and the Troop Cookie Manager each earn a sterling silver charm bracelet.

Once all requirements are met, submit the S'more's Club Redemption Form  to Council by May 31.