QSP- Candy & Nuts Fall Sale

The Fall Product Program is a great learning experience for girls as it emphasizes teamwork and goal setting. Held before the Cookie Program, the Fall Product Program is a great way for troops to earn start-up funds for the year. 

QSP Online Program
Girls can Be Brilliant and Shine On through the QSP Online Program . Set up your online store, create a cool koala avatar, and more! Starting October 1, you can email friends and family, allowing them to shop for, nuts, candies, magazines, and photo keepsake products online and submit their payments directly to QSP. Make sure to sign the Internet Safety Pledge before you start using the program.

Nut- E 2.0 is the web based QSP Program management system Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York uses to record and track information from the QSP Program. Every troop/group uses nut-E 2.0 to enter their contact information, enter the girls’ orders, track and select recognition's, review the QSP bill, and record their payment to the council.