GSNENY Spring 2020 Cookie Season FAQs

We’ve received a number of questions from cookie families regarding the 2020 Spring Cookie Program.  We thought it would be helpful to create a list of FAQs for your reference.  Recognizing the situation is evolving, we will keep this page updated with information as it becomes available.

Question --- I have cookies left over from National Cookie weekend that I am concerned we will not be able to sell.  Is there a plan for this?

Answer--- Recognizing many cookie families do have some inventory left from National Cookie Weekend, we are now permitting sales of National Cookie Weekend cookies.  Girls may accept orders for these cookies and parents/caregivers can accept payment via Venmo or PayPal if they are set up to do so, or orders can be paid for by cash at the time of delivery.  We strongly advise against delivering any cookies in person until we receive guidance that it is safe to do so.  Council is also working on a plan to take back cookies which are left from National Cookie Weekend.  More information will follow as our plan develops.

Question --- Should we call and cancel the Cookie Booths that we have scheduled, and should we reschedule them for May?

Answer --- As a courtesy, you should call and cancel your Troop sponsored Cookie Booths.  We ask that you don’t reschedule anything until we have a better idea of when booth sales will restart.
All cookie booth sales have been removed from eBudde as the Cookie Locator link is now tied to the GSUSA Eat, Share, and Show Communities We Care Program.  Council is committed to helping with rescheduling booth sales.  Please know we will do everything we can to help Girls secure booth locations when the time comes.

Question --- Can you give an update on I/O Cookies?

Answer --- We do not know when we will be able to deliver cookies which were ordered during the Initial Order period.  Cookies are being held in our warehouses and will continue to be held there until it deemed safe to distribute. 

Count and Go’s will be rescheduled once we have more information about timing of restarting Cookie Season.  

We are waiting for the pause to be over and for guidance from state and local authorities that it’s safe to resume activities.  At that point we will be reaching out to ask if troops would like to modify their IO orders.  Until this time we are not modifying any orders, but rest assured we know things have changed quite a bit from the time Girls took orders to now and we realize some troops may want to change their IO orders.
Question --- Is it possible to cancel my cookie booth cookie order?

Answer --- We are not cancelling any booth orders at this time.  We will provide more information as we have a better idea of when booth sales can begin.  As noted above, we recognize things have changed from the time Girls took orders to now, and we realize some troops may want to change their IO orders.

Question – Are Girls still able to share their Digital Cookie Link to get more sales?

Answer --- YES!  Cookie customers can continue to purchase cookies directly from Girl Scouts they know who are selling cookies through Digital Cookie.  As a reminder, to ensure the safety of Girls, their families, and the community, Girl Delivery has been suspended at this time.

Your Girl Scout can still continue to take orders in Digital Cookie for cookies to be shipped. We have been assured by our bakery that their warehouse is shipping all Cookie orders without delay to customers.

GSNENY is also launching Cookie Connector, connecting customers who want to buy cookies from a local Girl.  Customers will be directed a Girl’s Digital Cookie page once they choose a location on a council-wide map.  If your Girl Scout is interested, but has not yet opted in to the program, please reach out to, subject: Opt-In, and we’ll help you get set up to participate!

Stay tuned for a Digital Cookie Contest we have planned! We will be rolling it out in the next few days.

Question --- Since girl delivery was canceled, is the organization able to offer mail orders with free or reduced shipping? 

Answer --- Good news!  GSNENY will be offering discounted shipping for Digital Cookie Orders!  To be eligible for reduced shipping, a customer must purchase a minimum of 8 boxes.

4-7 Boxes – Regular shipping applies
8-11 Boxes - $5 off shipping
12-15 Boxes - $10 off shipping
16 or more Boxes - $15 off shipping

This applies to Digital Cookies placed through individual Girls, as well as through the GSNENY Digital Cookie page.

Question --- Will council be extending the time Girls have to use their unexpired Cookie Dough from last Cookie Season?

Answer --- We are working on this with our Cookie Dough provider and will update everyone as soon as we have more information.

Question --- I just received the email from eBudde on this program.  Would you please further explain the sentence below?
“Proportional in relation to high or low number of boxes sold?”

Answer -- This means that your troop’s share of the proceeds from the Eat, Share, Show Communities We Care Program will be proportionately based on your initial sales/National Cookie Weekend orders.