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For Cookie Sellers

When you sell Girl Scout Cookies, you're doing more than just helping your customers stock up on delicious treats (and having lots of fun). You're doing it with a goal in mind. Whether that goal is a pizza party, a community service project, or your first overnight camping trip with your troop, you know how many boxes you need to sell to make it happen. But did you know that you're also part of a huge business, one that's run by girls just like you all over the country? In fact, you’re part of the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program for girls in the world.

Did you know? Selling Cookies is not only a great way to learn business skills that will help prepare you for the future, you can also raise money to earn cool prizes (like a free weekend at Summer Camp!) and give back to your Troop. 

Being a Girl Scout Cookie professional gives you skills essential for success both now and later:

  • Goal Setting
  • Decision Making
  • Money Management
  • People Skills
  • Business Ethics


Important Dates

Wow! The 2019 Cookie Season was awesome—thanks to Girls like you!

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See you next year!

Important Contacts

Initial Sales and Cookie Cupboards: Sharon Hitchcock | 518-489-8110 ext. 145

Digital Sales, eBudde, Booth Sales: Norma Langevin | 518-563-1560 ext. 302

Cookie Rallies, Count & Go, Rewards: Melanie Collier | 518-792-0947 ext. 211

ACH Swipes Collection: Finance | 518-489-8110

Conflict Resolution: Meena Lee | 518-489-8110 ext. 109

Media Questions: Sharon Hitchcock | 518-489-8110 ext. 145

Registration Questions: Member Care | 518-489-8110

Cookie Rewards Coming Soon!

Selling cookies after the sale ends

GSNENY works hard to help make selling cookies a positive experience both for leaders and for Girls. We would all like to end with zero inventory, but unfortunately that doesn’t always happen. Toward the end of each cookie season we get a lot of calls and emails from leaders asking what to do with leftover cookies. After the cookie season officially ends the cookies are yours to sell. Your Girls bought them and can try to do what they can to sell them. GSNENY does not allow official booth sales after the cookie season ends, but you are able to sell them in other ways, through friends and family, for example. You can also donate your cookies or host an unofficial booth sale at a local retirement community or sporting event. Troops are not permitted to ask any Stewarts, department store, chain store, or council sponsored booth location if they can host a cookie sale after the season ends.

The 2019 Cookie Sale ended on April 28. Cookies sold after this date will not count toward Cookie Rewards.

All cookies must be sold or donated prior to the expiration date on the boxes and they cannot be held to be sold during the 2020 cookie program.

Please remember that GSNENY and your local Service Unit Cookie Chair have a lot of experience and can help you decide how many cookies you need during the cookie season. You can also use our cookie cupboards to help limit your risk--frequent pickups at the cupboard, only taking what you think you need for the coming days.