Hidden Lake Summer Camp Sessions

Hidden Lake Camp Session 1 2020Lake George7/5/2020RCHLC20S1
Hidden Lake Camp Session 2 2020Lake George7/12/2020RCHLCS220
Hidden Lake Camp Session 3 2020Lake George7/19/2020RCHLC20S3
Hidden Lake Camp Session 4 2020Lake George7/26/2020RCHLC20S4
Hidden Lake Camp Session 5 2020Lake George8/2/2020RCHLC20S5
Can’t go to camp for a whole week? You can still spend your weekend at Summer Camp by joining one of our Hidden Lake Excursion sessions! Arrive Friday at 6:00 pm to spend your weekend at Hidden lake and leave at 11:00 am Sunday morning. You will join up with the other girls that are staying at camp for the weekend stay over and head out for a day of fun on Saturday! Come get away for the weekend!
Hidden Lake Excursions S1Lake George7/10/2020OP071220
Hidden Lake Excursions S2Lake George7/17/2020OP071720
Hidden Lake Excursions S3Lake George7/24/2020OP072420
Hidden Lake Excursions S4Lake George7/31/2020OP073120